Jennifer is my first attempt @modifying a PC.
Initially a work PC, it was an AMD 450Mhz Slot A Athlon Classic
The CPU was replaced with an AMD slot A 850Mhz (the fastest I could get at the time).
I filled the memory slots, with at one point over 700Mb 133Mhz RAM and bought an 80Gb HD to accompany the original 8Gb drive.

The PC was then stripped and the case modified. 2 exhaust blow holes were cut and 2 transparent 80mm fans fitted. The 80mm front inlet hole was cut and an 80mm enermax variable speed fan was drilled to take LEDS and fitted.

The case window was then cut from Perspex and fitted with window edging.
The case was sprayed silver with blue fittings and blue LEDS.
A front bay blank was cut up to accept a modified 4 switch bay bus, now with transparent front bezel.

A blue cold cathode was fitted along with a 550W PSU, rounded UV reactive IDE cables and blue thumb screws used where possible to make disassembly quicker.

The CPU was then removed from the Athlon 'black box' and fitted with a Freespeed GFD to allow overclocking of the CPU and voltage mods. Once a massive heatsink was modified and fitted with 2 x 60mm fans the CPU was then overclocked to 950Mhz.

The PC was then used for LAN parties and general home use. The size and weight of the PC became an issue when transporting to and from peoples houses, so it was retired from LAN events and is now fitted with 512Mb RAM, a WIFI network card and used mainly as file server on my network.

Sandra is the machine that replaced Jennifer for LAN events and general PC work. It is a Shuttle SN41G2, Nforce2 based machine currently fitted with an AMD 3000+ 333Mhz Barton Athlon XP CPU, 1Gb Corsair twinX XMS matched pair low latency memory and a Western digital 120Gb 8Mb cache HD. The video card is a Gainward GF4 750XP TI4200 Golden Sample with 8x AGP, The small form factor attracted me for ease of portablility and it used standard PC components not specialist SFF components so upgrades are cheap (relative) and it is as powerful as any desktop equivalent.

Tux is my firewall, it sits along side the rest of my network and is turned on when i need access to the internet. It is a low spec PC running IPCOP operating systems (Lynux Based as the name of the PC is based on the Lynux Penguin!)


The PC used a AMD K6II processor with 128Mb of SD-RAM Memory and an old 8Gb Harddrive. It was built in to a premodded case with window and i added the red theme to highlight the firewall aspect of the PC. The 'flame' badge is iluminated as is the window decal. There are two red cold cathodes with in the case for extra 'RED-ness!! sad but true.There is a red iluminated 80mm fan on the case side just below the window. Not much more to say about the PC, it does its job i think btu i am no expert on IPCOP or Lynus. Many thanks to my IPCOP support friend Simon who has the job of sorting any issues out i might have with this box.