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Link to Wilesco D9 page

Wilesco D9 Stationary Engine

Note: same as D10 but in kit form

Modern German stationary engine with slide valve and centrifugal regulator

Link to Wilesco

Mamod SE2a 1970's Stationary Engine British Made

With Forward & Reverse lever

Purchased because I had an SE2a when Iwas a child.

Currently with none sealing chimney and dent in boiler where the whistle mounts.

Link to Mamod

Mamod SE2a 1970's Stationary Engine British Made

Purchased after the SE2a above to use the parts form both engines to make the best engine from the two.

The remaining engine will be used as a restoration technique learning project.

Kontax KA90 Ultra low temperature Stirling Engine

Operates from any source of temperature difference between the base plate and the environment.

Will run from the heat of a cup of coffee, PC monitor, TV or even a human hand (so long as the ambient temperature is not too warm).

Will run from the 'coldness' of ice, a box of prozen food or tub of icecream.

Link to Kontax
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